The Scourge game tells stories revolving around urban legends from the 1990s in Saigon, Vietnam. The male protagonist is trapped by past sins caused by his and his family's mistakes. Now, he must confront and overcome the consequences to find a path to redemption, and you are him.


The story so far

"The Scourge" is a horror role-playing Puzzle RPG, immersing you in the heart of Saigon (Vietnam) through urban legends from the 1990s. You will follow the tragic fate of a family and the main character, who made mistakes in the past and is now haunted by a sinister supernatural force.

The protagonist, a person overwhelmed by delusions due to past tragedies and life's despair, frequently finds himself in nightmares. In these dreams, the line between reality and illusion becomes blurred. To rediscover his inner light and escape from the shadows of his past, he must confront his sorrows, make amends for his mistakes, and defeat the most formidable enemy that exists not only in his mind but also in the real world.

Starting in a rundown apartment during an era of an unnamed epidemic, where mysteries and supernatural phenomena occur incessantly, you'll need to use your intellect to solve intricate puzzles, explore new areas, and prepare for the ultimate showdown. Every decision, every action, will determine his fate and future. Stay alert and be ready to face all challenges.


The Scourge


Currently working on the core character faces.
The Scourge

WIP - Animation & Stamina Update

WIP Update - The Scourge | Tai Ương
The Scourge


We have done creating the new chasing game mechanics in out 'THE SCOURGE | TAI ƯƠNG'